Vanmara Runladren


Vanmara loved to read from a very young age, spending most of her time in the library in Konda. The stories of the most interest were the ones of legend and myth, of mystical characters and creatures. The stories that she loved the most were centered around powerful otherworldly beings, ancient in comparison to mortal races. Stories of Azathoth and his adviser Vorvadoss, forever schemeing, stories of great Cthulhu and his might once worshiped by ancient civilizations supposedly. Thinking these were only stories from long ago meant to scare children. Little did she know these were true accounts from ages lost to time.

As Vanmara grew older she became a librarian of her favorite library that she spend so much time in and began reading deeper into the lore of these vast and ancient creatures. The legends say the great old ones are confined to one of the outer planes, trapped until they break free and bring about the end of days in moral realms. It is said that this plane cannot be viewed with mortal eyes, causing minds to explode instantly. There is not evidence to say otherwise.

Little did Vanmara know that she was gaining power from the knowledge of these ancient and forgotten deities. One day in the back corner of the library in Konda, Vanmara was studying the rituals performed as worship. She mumbled the words of a worship ritual and a small light appeared in front of her barely as large as her hand. As she examined the light from all sides she found that she opened a small tear in the universe and for the light only shown outward in one direction and was invisible from behind, from the side the tear looked like a small sliver of light.

Vanmara stepped closer and looked into the light and the world beyond. Her eyes gazed upon the plane she had been reading about for so long, studying in her free time. She should have died instantly but instead she felt a sense of overwhelming awe and admiration for the vastness she saw. She began to cry for her mind could have never imagined a place this wonderful in its utter vastness. The tear only held for a short moment longer and Vanmara could feel herself being filled with more power of what she has been gaining little by little over the years. As the tear closed she realized she could gain power from just knowledge of these ancient dieties. Once the tear closed, Vanmara could see things her eyes could not before, remnants of the great old ones from long ago, an entire world hidden to morals that no words she knew could describe, yet still inferior to the place she just saw

With eyes that see what others cannot Vanmara pledged to use her power to explore this realm for more ancient knowledge lost to time in hopes of gaining enough power to open a portal to the superior plane. In learning of the tests to become an adventurer Vanmara determined that adventuring would take her places to search for the ancient scripts of the great old ones. And so she prepared herself for these test and to travel the world.

Vanmara Runladren

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